About Us....
My name is Melissa Dreyer,
I have personally been involved in the world of
dogs for over 25 years. First starting with my
Golden Retrievers, successfully, raising, and
breeding multiple champions and obedience titled
goldens, amongst them, Best In Specialty Show
winners, and a hall of fame , top 10 ranked golden.
We began our journey with the Danes and Have
been blessed to have had the help of very
wonderful friends and mentors.
We have currently had the honor of breeding and
raising and showing several Danes to their
championships. We have had two danes we have
bred, win Great Dane Club of America National
Specialty Award of Merits, and have successfully
campaigned two of our boys into the GDCA Top 20.
We have had 3 Best in Specialty Show winning
danes, and currently are one champion away from
a Register Of Merit Sire Award on our boy

We are passionate about our dogs, and take pride
in our dogs wonderful temperaments, and take the
time to health test our breeding stock.
We strive to improve the health, soundness and
longevity in every breeding we plan.
Danes have several potential health problems that
folks need to be aware of when looking for a puppy
or adult. We focus on health testing for the Hips,
hearts, eyes, and thyroid.  

Feel free to
contact us with any questions, if we
can not help you, we'd be happy to refer you to
someone we think can.