This is Our Thank You Page....

A special Place for us to acknowledge just  a
few of the folks who have mentored us or
helped us, or just were plain there for us!
Our first great dane and the sound, stable foundation she gave us,  
"Pebbles" a wonderful sweet brindle lady who came from Peggy Dieter
(DieterDanes). Thank You Peggy for entrusting this 'young' newly married
couple. Who would've known she would have such an impact on us all ! She
was and always will be simply the best! Thank you...

Thank You to Peg and Dick Nelson (Woodcliff Danes) for their first referral to
Peggy,  Then their help and advice and support, which lead us to our next
great dane, "Bam-Bam" and into the lives of Joyce and Bucky Davis (Shady
Lane Danes)
Peg and Dick are the reason we are where we are today, Their love and
devotion to their line of woodcliff danes, and the helpfulness they extended
to us "novices' at the time, has always meant so much, Thank you.

What can't we say about Joyce and Bucky Davis....(ShadyLane Danes) We
stumbled into their lives purely coincidental and have never left them alone
since ! <VBG>
From our first meeting, seeing Bam's litter at 4 weeks of age, and my
pleading to have the one with two white toes and white on his chest.... here
we are years later, reflecting that silly, stubborn boy, who became a Best In
SpecialtyShow winning, Top 20 Great Dane ! Our First Dane Champion, and
two very special friends who have become family....Thank you Both!

Sharon Hladik, (Hladik Great Danes) the 'crazy' lady who came right up to me
at my first Handling Class with BamBam, who MADE us enter him in his very
first show and told us we HAD to show this dog....
We thought she was nuts, (and mind you still do <G>) but think of what we
would've missed out on had we never been so 'encouraged' ! She took me to
the Great Dane Club of Raritan Valley's meetings, and the rest is history...
We have collaborated our breedings a few times, and have been very
fortunate with the outcomes,  she's been a great friend, We continue to
collaborate, and have had many many belly laughs over things, and a few
tears too.  Thank you Sharon!

JoAnn Barbaro, (Zanadane) for trusting my reasons, and allowing me to
breed to Cross, a litter to this day, that has been my most proud and
successful. It holds everything I wanted, and those dogs and bitches, have
been our imprint and foundation for our future. Thank you.

Phyllis and Sheldon Zarlin and Dr.Jose and Sharyn Penalva (Zarlin and
Penadane)(Pena-Zarlin)what can I say,..  Thank you just doesn't seem
enough. You all know what  an 'Icon' Connor has become for us. He is fast
approaching register of merit Sire status, and that will put the icing on his
cake, so to speak, an impressive dog, who's kind gentle nature and
impressive stature and gait, continue to imprint on generation after
generation for us.He became our second once in a lifetime dane....How lucky
can one get?! Thank you all.

Pat and Bob Haltmeier, (Haltmeier Danes) who would've thought one breeding
would've led to all of this.....?????!!!!!  We had never considered black great
danes, hadn't really even paid them any attention before...
Thank you for having the insight and guts to try a virtually unproven male at
the time, our "Connor" . Who would've expected the outcome ??? That one
breeding produced 4 champions with 4 others pointed with the hopes of
finishing as well.  You welcomed us into the world of 'black' and by giving us
"Noah" we began a whole new path into 'darkness' LOL!
The big 38 1/2" / 185 lb clown, became our first black champion great dane,
and he stole our hearts. We have never shared our lives with any dog as
happy, and silly and loving as him!
There is no going back now...Once you go Black....
Thank you for sharing your bloodlines and dogs with us, and for sharing your
knowledge from so many successful decades in danes. But most of all,
Thank you for always being there...
Laughs and tears, we are proud and honored to be able to call you friends.
Thank you both.

Miss Barbara....Barbara Waldkirch, PHA....How many dogs has she shown for
us??!!! LOL!  She is the best.  Our dogs love her, we love her.  We have so
many funny funny stories, and a few tear jerkers too.  We could write a whole
Book just on Bam and Connor's journeys alone....  
Some folks are coal...and some are diamonds, You are a diamond, Barb!  
Thank you isn't enough...

Miss Marie. Marie Somershoe.   What can I say, but only to promise that
"Halle" will be staying at home now, and you won't ever have to show her
again ! LOL!  What a clown she is... Have you ever had so many folks wanting
to watch you show one particuliar dog before ?!  Her antics make her who
she is...a "noah" kid :0)  and we can't thank you enough for putting up with
her, and for finishing her for us!
We'll let you rest in the dane ring for now, but are looking forward to lots of
fun times with the 'piggies' and can't thank you enough for offering to help us
with them! You know how much "Dory' adores you....and we do too!  Thank

Robin Massingill, my cousin, best friend and the sole reason I am in dogs
today....One afternoon with "Perry" the golden retriever seeing eye puppy
and the rest is history! I nagged my parents for a golden for months, bought
"Sunrise Sam" and here I am today...You have been the 'satelite' office of
"Sunrise" for decades, taking on goldens and danes so that I could expand
and keep and show more dogs from my own breedings and bloodlines. Mr.
Bruiser is such an amazing big guy, his humor, his 'nine lives' , his everyday
'tricks' just amaze us all with his 'human like intelligence and spirit. He is a
first for us both in many areas, Thank you for sharing him with me, and for
always 'being there'.  You know how much we all love you, but we wanted to
tell you again. Thank you...

Kathy Strouse, one dog show, one breeding to Bam, one puppy sale later, a
whelping, and here we are already into almost a decade of sharing the dogs
and breedings. It's all about Brooke. She is and always will be the glue.
Thank you for following through with Julie, for keeping true to our
agreements, and for allowing me to make suggestions and mentor. What a
fabulous producer our Julie is already, what an exciting future her children
hold for us both.  Thank you for
being a good friend, and partner!   ;)   Many laughs on many many miles of
road.... and a would be book of divine design for crates and expens in Hotel
rooms!  Thank you....

Tammy Samples and Sean Smith (Taro Danes) ...can you believe Auto is 3
years old????? Where does the time go?!
Thank you for trusting me, for listening, for sharing this amazing boy with
me.  What a beautiful puppy he was, but what a handsome dog he has
become. He has a beautiful gentle sensitive spirit to him, with the clownish
flare like his dad, Connor. So looking forward to his kids, his pedigree
combines my best of the best in both conformation and temperament. Thank
you for piloting him to most all of his accomplishments, and for allowing
Marie to show him at the national. I know how much you and Sean enjoy
showing him yourself, I'm glad you finally got a chance to see him from the
outside of the ring, he is truly a GREAT Dane....
Thank you both, for everything, my friends....

Joe and Bev Fumo,  one show in Camden, and Bam links us all forever.... So
many proud moments with him and Dalton! Such excitement with your first
owner handled champion, Storm.
So very many smiles, and laughs, and so very many happy memories, and
tears too. Zorra and Darwin are doing Dalton proud....  Can't thank the two of
you enough, you've always been there for me, my friends...Thank you both.

I'll be adding more....we have lots more of you to be thankful for! Check back
with us !